Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard

Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard video game game publisher Activision Microsoft $68.7 billion World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Fortune 500 and S&P 500 California Gaming Entertainment Company.

How microsoft positioned themselves in the gaming space yet additionally the broader metaverse that we keep hearing about. Indeed, exactly right, akakaka. What’s more i mean, the thing about this that makes a lot of sense from a number of perspectives is, first of all, gaming has created computerized communities well before there was a metaverse, right? Metaverse thing really is an augmentation of what gaming networks and activision has been a big partf that, have been doing for the last several years, and of course obviously microsoft has their xbox business and huge gaming business in and of itself. Continue read about Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard.

In any case, the other pieces also start to make sense because one of the things that the worlds moving to is cloud-based gaming, and of course microsoft has their huge cloud-based azure computing business. Enenenen you think abo things are going in terms of moving services to the cloud, in terms of subscriptions and the xbox pass business that microsoft has been building as well as just the whole notion of computerized communities and we can contend whether the metaverse word is the right one or not, but the point is there’s clearly development in that direction, so this is a great extension, and goodness, by the way, smart timing on microsoft’s part because they’re taking agegegege of the fact that there’s been a lot of clearly big issues around activision, around leadershi around, you know, difficult working conditions, particularly for women there.

Why microsoft buys  for $68.7 billion?

Microsoft said the Activision-Blizzard deal would help it grow its gaming business across mobile, PC and consoles as well as providing the building blocks for the metavers, Microsoft will acquire Activision Blizzard for $95.00 per share, in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.7 billion

So it’s – – you know,hehehehey’r exploiting the fact the stock price on activision has b this purchase. You’ve got a company led, you know, by satya nadella at microsoft that clearly is a very centered kind of organization. I think that should have a positive influence on activision. So net i think it makes a part of sense on many different levels. osesesese facebook on the metaverse side or metta stages rather and the auxiliary we’ve seen inknock mite continuing to run away with the sales on the headset gadgets, which are seen to be one of the critical parts of that immersion in the metta variant. Going ahead in the future for microsoft, how do y y you exp them to try to accelerate their own perhaps market share or even situating within tha drenching part, considering the empty lens. A portion of the price tags that we’ve seen on that, they’ve been over the oculus at this particular moment.

you’re right, brad, the introductory efforts on hollow lens were never intended to be mass promoting. They knew coming into it that it was a high end, v specialized things, but they also made it clear that this is going to be something that they were going to do longer term and bring to lower price points so exactly as you point out, they are going to have the option to leverage all the innovation they have developed forlolololow lens, and that’s a lot, by the way, and then, at that point, use that moving forward for gaming. So again, now you’ve got the gaming preing applications, the equipment, the gaming foundation. Those pieces really do, i think, line up well. I do think eventually we will see a more motderately priced empty lens.

Microsoft Buys Scandal-Tainted Activision in Bet on Metaverse

That’s going to be a critical part of microsoft’ororororts hee also. >> bounce, anytime you have a deal this souououou’re certainly going to get the attention of controllers. At the point when you think about microsoft, they’ve largely been able to kind of stay out of this discussion of this crackdown on big tech. Do you think this puts them back targeted or is there an argument to be made at all with regards to the lack of competition that could come from this type of acquisition? >> all things considered, lo akiko, i think you’re right. It’s going to raise the question marks because we’re in an era at the point when any of these kind deals are going to raise a question mark.Continue read about Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard.

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So i don’t think they’re going to be free from it, and yes, i believe it’s going tongngngng a tad more attention to them. In this particular case based on a portion of the early numbers that saw other people talking about, this would put microsoft at the number three gaming revenue organization in the world behind sony what’s more tencent in china. So it would probably make them clearly the biggest here in the u.s. contingent upon how we contemplate sony as a domestic rendition of a japanese compan. In any case, – – so it’s going to raise a specific degree of questions, but i don’t know that it’s going to totally change the nature the game. See, there’s no question about it. It’s going to raise – – people are going to start looking at it furthermore wondering what’s the right what should be done. Yet, again, remember that there’s a lot of different impacts.

I mean, microsoft is – – it’s not pretty much gaming for them in this particular case. It is about these communities. It is about doing other things, it is about providing new open doors for their azure cloud business. Allf those things will play into this in terms of how people consider it. It makes it more complex to examine the whole deal. I can’t inevitably help but believe, yes,t’t’t’t’s going to r a few questions. >> just while we have you here with us, we want to switch gears were covering to round out the 11:00 a.m. hour. It’s on the topic of the devastating destruction that aircrafts were anticipating. You’ve written extensively about this as well.

Microsoft buys activision blizzard reddit

Help us break this down even further for our viewers and for what we’ve seen from the aircrafts and then the telecom side. You know, where this all comes together, even with new proclamations that we’ve seen from the white house. >> no doubt, i mean, this is – – it’s truly kind of a crazy story be t t the science on this is extremely clear. You know, the issue is the recurrence that the telecos want to turn on, these c band recurrence, tit’s not like no on has been using them. They have been used by c bad satellite. Recall those huge satellite televisions that people used to have, not the dish ones, the big ones. Those all have been using c groups, those were called c band. That’s why it has thatname for many years, and they didn’t have any issue on airlines.

There are countries around the world where u.s.- based planes are flying that you already have these c band frequencies in use for 5g, and they haven’t had any issues. This in my mind is much more of a political than a specialized or sign tusk issue. Clearly airline safety is the number one most important thing. There is no question whatsoever, in any case, this has been talked about what’s more set up for years, and all of a sudden the fact that the airlndndndndustry is coming out presently seems very odd. They’re having a lot of problems all things considered. Continue read about Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard.

I feel like they want to be able to point fingers at somebody else to say the problems are someone else’s and not theirs. There’s a huge gap. At the point when you look radio frequency range, and i get that it’s complex, but at the end of the day, there’s hundreds of megahertz gaps in a lot of businesses, you know, they have a 5 megahertz or a 10 megahertz hole, and yet the fcc gave a 200 megahertz gap to guarantee the future and actually the frequencies we’re talking about are 400 megahertz away. That’s kind o like saying, oh, will a car driving along a span in san francisco be felt by someone in sacramento.

It’s so far away that it just doesn’t make any sense from a essential science perspective. So i’m really questioning what’s happening here. It doesn’t feel like the real subtleties arererere because if you take a gander at the science of it, it’s clear that these issues would not be a factor, particularly importantly with the glove figations that they’re say, lessen the power around air terminals. That makes perfectly logical logical sense.

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