Cheese Kottu most famous delicious Sri Lankan Style Street food

Today we are making a special cheese kottu , The most famous delicious Sri Lankan Style Street food. We want to thank all the Blog visitors who willingly view our articles without me spending any money on them. Also we need to specially thank who always share their comments in our articles and share blog post on their social medias.

This is one of the most requested recipes from me. First we need to make godamba roti (large rotti) for making kottu. We’ve already made the godamba roti. you can freeze these pieces for at least month. In my chicken kottu video, We`ve shown how to make godamba roti correctly. But We`ll do a separate new HD video on that recipe too. This is my method of making cheese kottu. cup pasteurized milk This recipe is good for people. since there is salt it cheese, keep that in mind when adding salt.


We`ve chopped all the veggies to smaller pieces. slightly roast them so it’s easy to grind it. Ginger garlic paste grind the black pepper tbsp any kind oil that you normally use. ginger garlic paste ground spice powder before the eggs are cooked fully add the leeks add a pinch of salt. when cutting leeks, for this recipe, don’t cut it lengthwise cut it in square shape, so it doesn’t get watery. 1 tsp salt. Continue reading Kottu most famous delicious Sri Lankan Style Street food.

Don’t add too much salt, before the cheese is salty, it will be hard to eat. when you buy veggies, keep some leftovers aside keep the godamba roti pieces in the freezer too. then you only need cheese and milk. fry it till you get a nice aroma you can add as much as godamba roti you like.

now increase the flame. while it’s hot add cheddar cheese This is for people. when the cheese is melting add the milk. black pepper powder now it’s done, finally I’m adding the mozzarella cheese. cheese kottu for 3 people it would cost about Rs.600 ($3) in a restaurant. at home you can make this for less than Rs200 ($1.5) for 3 people some small kids will get stomach upset to cheese and milk together in a kottu. Continue reading Kottu most famous delicious Sri Lankan Style Street food.

so give them a little and see if they are ok with it. before tasting the kottu, I’m going down to the well. ok let’s go and taste the cheese kottu now. if you eat your breakfast in the office, then you can even add some chicken curry, and take it to the office.

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