UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya

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UFC 259 Results: Blachowicz vs. Adesanya – MMA Fighting

Saturday, March 6, 2021

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what’s up folks some of you have mentioned the forecast article what’s more, this is in a real sense the ideal card to do it so why the hellfire not truly what a card ufc 259 is it’s crazy each time. We investigate at it improves the profundity of this occasion is stunning the matchups the sorts of battles the different weight divisions everything about this card makes it worth watching from starting to end however before we get into it this article is introduced by my psych i’ve got no support alright don’t hesitate to follow the timestamps furthermore. Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

blachowicz vs adesanya
blachowicz vs adesanya

Skip lumps of my substance to get to the fundamental occasion forecast on the whole in the early prelims continually energizing to see jake matthews he’s going to confront sean brady who’s a promising undefeated possibility it’s a beautiful absurd battle to put on the early prelims.

However we will not gripe likewise on the off chance that you’ve never seen tim elliott battle kindly don’t pass up a great opportunity this present buddy’s style is stunning most likely going to win against jordan espinoza presently the what the heck prelim card never seen a prelim card that great to be straightforward kaika of france in the primary battle what the heck joseph benevides whose last battle was a pay-per-see headliner faces an exceptionally able undefeated asgar azkarov insane battle melody ye dong should see television what the heck dominic cruz on the prelims.

This is really the first battle we’re going to separate not going to dive excessively deep into it yet definitely casey kenny ought to have the option to win this battle he gets a kick out of the chance to squeeze his adversary furthermore, regardless of whether we see dominic cruz picking him separated outwardly.

UFC 259 results, highlights

We Simply don’t believe it’s going to be sufficient to intrigue the appointed authorities for three rounds We see kenny having the better minutes the more impressive punches kicks i’d be incredibly amazed if cruz completes casey he appears to have lost a piece of fly over the most recent couple of years yet, who knows possibly he’s going to picture keith peterson’s face on kenny’s body what’s more, just destroy him anyway we think this will be a nearby battle and kenny’s going to win by choice.

Now the cracking principle card it begins with the blast thiago santos versus alexander destruction the two people are equipped for kicking each other’s head into space the two people are so goddamn intense and incredible only two supreme beasts god be straightforward with you.

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We have no clue about what’s going to happen this battle could go to the ground on the secure or stay on the feet this battle could be a moment long or a choice this is a all out trump card battle one thing We do know is that rakic is exceptionally smooth with his guard he doesn’t give a great deal of chances with his methodology and he ought to be capable to avoid those enormous bombs from santos as they are let’s face it pretty transmitted the kicking game.Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

Ought to advantage thiago however the range distinction will be altogether on alexander’s side my uninformed forecast destruction will win by late technical knockout or then again choice however truly anything can occur in this battle after that the second greatest top pick on the card islam makachev will battle attracted dauber a lightweight challenge presently a couple of years prior.

UFC 259 Post-Fight Press Conference

We used to put drew dober in the guard class well he’s more than that at this point he’s a competitor he’s truly intrigued me in his last couple of battles.

Genuinely we think his stand up is better compared to makachev’s islam can blend it up well overall obviously furthermore, his catching is splendid however as indicated by his mentors he’s never shown his actual potential in the octagon the solitary sensible clarification this person is especially terrified of disappointment in the event that you take a gander at his company it appears evident they are not really good or bad fruitful and put such a lot of confidence in him the pressing factor should freeze him in some limit that would disclose why he appears to perform at a more awful level than preparing for dober it’s an incredible inverse no pressing factor at all on this fellow and his potential appears to have prospered in his last couple of exhibitions the way We see this battle going islam will most likely bring drew down and rebuff him on the ground.

We believe doba’s going to scramble he’s not going to let himself get controlled at the end of the day he’s going to be on the base once in a while and lose focuses anyway.

We think dober is going to be capable to at times hold up what’s more, when that is going to be the case he’s going to be a danger on the off chance that he hits islam a hardly any occasions or then again powers makachev to commit a major error islam will feel the dread of disappointment he will begin committing errors he never make in the fighting room.Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

UFC 259 Post-Fight Press Conference

Dober will complete him simpler said than done clearly in any case We genuinely accept that this will be a lot nearer battle than individuals are anticipating individuals rest on dober islam can’t do that anyway We must go with islam in light of the hooking ability perhaps early accommodation or choice yet, i’m calling it at this moment dober has every one of the x variables on his side presently we should get to the great stuff.

The first of three title battles piotr jan versus aljamain real on the off chance that you need to show somebody the most noteworthy level of mma show them this battle it doesn’t get any better as far as expertise in this game this vows to be a show for the idealists furthermore, their styles coordinate so well too it’s a disgustingly appealing battle theodor yan can’t complete anyone on the feet.Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

Al-jamin authentic can wrap up anyone on the ground al-jo suffocates you at the point when he gets you down piotr is one two three strides in front of you when you remain with him his capacity to stream into the progress is unfathomable to be straightforward kindly focus on that during the battle.

How ian appears to change from one position to another so easily it resembles everything has been practiced like a dance and it’s incompletely on the grounds that he’s a specialist at perusing his rival he gets a kick out of the chance to take as much time as is needed and breaks down you widely he in every case consistently improves as the battle goes on aljo can’t allow him to discover his notch.

He will pay for it what’s more, luckily for all jermaine he’s got the ideal style to make youthful reluctant in contrast to kyon’s last rivals real has a very offbeat style you gotta see it to trust it he battles unique than every other person he’s not named the funk ace to no end he moves actually ungracefully and he can land some insane methods on the feet in any case.

It’s truly on the ground that he accomplishes his best work We mean the manner in which he back exposed stifled corey sandhagen he didn’t give him any possibility if by one way or another jan gives his back to all joe he’s most probable going to lose his belt anyway We gotta be straightforward.

UFC 259 live updates and results

We don’t see numerous ways to triumph for real he can pull off an accommodation or on the other hand loan something amazingly insane on rout yet in the event that he doesn’t We don’t perceive how he can deal with derangeon piotr is so persistent so mindful of the hooking danger he’s got uncommon development tremendous equilibrium unparalleled reflexes in my assessment his scrambling capacity is going to be sufficient to keep authentic at narrows furthermore.Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

When he begins discovering his varieties he’s going to dominate he’s going to improve in the third and fourth and overwhelm from that point We see it playing out comparatively to the aldo battle be that as it may, who realizes the two contenders have shown a exceptionally solid mindset which makes this battle considerably more energizing and to be reasonable authentic has confronted somewhat better rivalry anyway i’ve gotta go with my gut We think jan is on another level in the hold up also.

Even in the secure my expectation the champion by technical knockout anyplace between the third and the finish of the battle pretty sure about that decision as well however, we’ll see what we will likewise see is the best female contender of all time in the octagon the continually energizing amazing destroyer amanda nunes will confront the long rangey striker megan anderson the chances are totally crazy for that one amanda is the best yes what’s more.

UFC 259 recap: Results, highlights and analysis

She has the right to be a sizeable most loved yet ten to one that is simply wrong i’ve been saying that megan is the hardest test for amanda since the cyborg battle and We genuinely trust her range is going to cause issues to the champ since that penetrate is cracking critical furthermore, counters amanda’s best capacities nunes likes to get you toward the finish of her punches toward the finish of her range furthermore.Continue Read About UFC 259 Blachowicz vs Adesanya .

Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson Highlights

That will be too difficult to do against anderson nunes will have to blend it up in the event that she needs a smooth cruising triumph also, she’s unquestionably ready to do that as her inside and out game has improved also, better however, she must watch the kicks from megan in the event that she can get those kicks and drag anderson down.

She is going to duplicate her odds of winning however like We said that compass is quite serious even holly holm the boxing title holder decided to take megan down when she battled her and that is on the grounds that megan anderson can without much of a stretch break your orbital bone in the event that you don’t pay consideration in the event that she can build up her kicking game it will be an intense night for amanda no doubt about it.

We think megan is greatly disparaged by battle fans and oddsmakers in this one she’s never been taken out she has a gigantic arrive at extraordinary knees incredible punches and kicks and possibly she can mess some up to amanda and the secure cause nunes has shown weaknesses in that division against jeremy and the render me she glanced truly human in that battle in any case.

We’ll see my forecast amanda nunez by technical knockout in the first round We anticipate that this fight should be somewhat short what’s more, We wouldn’t be amazed if megan dominates the competition anyway amanda is the best ever so can’t wager against her incidentally in the event that you need to make a succulent one dollar benefit you can wager 10 on amanda and ask she wins in any case.

On the off chance that you like cash wager a couple of bucks on anderson or on the other hand not terrible at all lastly last be that as it may, not least the headliner jan blagovitz versus israel addis anya what an incredible battle this is We sincerely can hardly wait you know this is hopefully acceptable it’s a ideal test for the two warriors to show how great they truly are a ton of individuals think ah this anya will win a many individuals.

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