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Eco brick or Compressed stabilized earth bricks (CSEB) is a substitute for block stones, bricks and construction materials. This is one of the most well-known eco-friendly low cost construction materials. In today’s article we will look at what CSEB is and how it works and its advantages and disadvantages.

The difference in CSEB is that it uses a mixture of soil and cement. Compressed stabilized earth bricks are made by mixing soil, cement, and water in the required proportions and then compressing them with a simple machine. It is mixed with cement to increase the stability of the soil. Continue read about Eco Bricks Manufacturers Sri Lanka.

How to make this? Soil and cement should be mixed in a ratio of 1:10 (10 to 1 cement) (UN Habitat report also states that cement should be 5-7% by volume). The volume of water is about 25 liters per bag of cement. Can vary with soil moisture. Somehow the mixture should form a lump that does not break when it is stirred.

Eco Bricks Manufacturers In Sri Lanka
Eco Bricks Manufacturers In Sri Lanka

Also, the water should be such that it does not touch the water. The mixture should be molded into the required shape and left to dry for 28 days before being used for construction. The soil used for this should be specially mentioned. Not all soils are suitable. Generally red laterite soil containing sand should be 65-80% and silt mixed clay soil less than 35%. The clay content should be about 15%. Also these soils should be filtered through a 12mm filter (Sieve).

What are the advantages of this stone? The main advantage is lower costs. According to a research team led by Professor Chintha Jayasinghe of the University of Moratuwa, CSEB use is 28% cheaper than ordinary bricks. There is no cost to apply the plaster, so the profit can be increased.

Eco-friendliness is another advantage. This stone is made from natural soils so it is very environmentally friendly. Cooling in a home is relatively high because it has a lower thermal sensitivity (high thermal lag) than ordinary brick or block stone. The average strength of this rock is about 5-7.5 Mpa. But the average brick strength is about 3.5 MPa. Therefore this stone is also suitable for load bearing walls.

Also, due to the interlocking of this stone, it can be constructed quickly using less plaster. Due to the smooth surface of the stone and the natural clay color of the stone, many architects use this stone as an architectural feature to enhance home decoration.Continue read about Eco Bricks Manufacturers  Sri Lanka.

CSEB rocks have many advantages like this. But there are several disadvantages inherent in this stone. What are the disadvantages of this stone? The main disadvantage is that this technology is still new. So I have no idea yet about the long-term effects and durability here. So no matter how many advantages there are, society is still reluctant to embrace this technology.

Also, the quality and strength of this rock depends solely on the properties of the soil used. Therefore, the quality of the stone cannot be guaranteed unless the approved standard is maintained and the type of soil used is not known. Despite having the necessary strength, other problems may arise later.

Eco Bricks Manufacturers In Sri Lanka
Eco Bricks Manufacturers In Sri Lanka

Because of this interlocking stone, many people have built houses without properly plastering. As a result, small gaps between the interlocks allow air, moisture, and insects to enter. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this during construction.

Also, as mentioned earlier, if the soil used is not up to standard, debris such as wood chips, sludge, etc. may decompose and cause wall cavities and cracks later on. Continue read about Eco Bricks Manufacturers Sri Lanka.

Another thing is that this stone is not very suitable for areas where the outer wall is wet or where it rains frequently. Because the soil is constantly moist, fungi and parasites can grow in these soils. It can also cause a number of inconveniences to residents (sick building syndrome). To remedy this you can apply a waterproofing wax to the wall.

CSEB, however, is a very good construction replacement. Compare the pros and cons here and you too can use CSEB to build your home or related. But if so, it is better to pay close attention to how well the manufacturer maintains the standard and his accountability.

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