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Bungee Jumping Colombo Sri Lanka

The Colombo Lotus and Singapore Go Bungy association has denoted a consent to start bungee bobbing unprecedented for Sri Lanka, which would be the world’s most raised bungee jump after it is shipped off.

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The experience bobbing will be shipped off in Sri Lanka from January 1 one year from now.

The association, ‘Go Bungy’ got comfortable Singapore, is as of now working bungee bobbing regions in three countries, Japan, China and Nepal.

Lotus Tower  Bungee jumping

An understanding was embraced between the Colombo Lotus Apex The board Association (PVT) limited and the Singapore-based ‘Go Bungy’ to begin Bungee Bobbing from the Colombo Lotus Zenith starting from 1 January 2023. peruse more about Bungee Bouncing Sri Lanka.

A great opportunity to convey voyagers to Sri Lanka. The jump will be from a degree of 350 meters, with about 130 jumps booked every day. Thirty to forty of these jumps will happen around night time, when the Lotus Zenith is illuminated.

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safely gets around 50,000 clients every year and they are needing to convey 130 jumps once they set up the site at Lotus Zenith. It will consolidate 100 jumps during the day time and 30 jumps during the night.

Immense assignment to attract travelers to Sri Lanka after it is shipped off in January.

The endeavor is 100 percent upheld by the Singapore association and the Colombo Lotus Zenith Association will get 15% from each jump.

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World Best Bungee Voyagers can similarly take part in the game right after fulfilling all prosperity necessities.

Nevertheless, he said the association had not finished up the rates and packages for the jump and this sounds detailed later, truly. peruse more about Bungee Bouncing Sri Lanka.

The jump will be available for those beyond 15 years old years who fulfill all the prosperity necessities. At any rate those some place in the scope of 15 and 18 years ought to give made assent from their people or watchmen.

At long last This game is shipped off, endless voyagers will appear in the country and the public authority won’t have to advance a lot of endeavors to attract the movement business.