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Regardless of how hard it is, we won’t ever lose confidence in our prosperity, and whatever that might be, we will confront the most distinct reality before us. Success, won’t simply be a decent organization however an extraordinary one.

We will point past Asia, the social capital of the future and focus on the world. – Big Hit’s Vision, Dec. 4, 2005 Winter Workshop Music and Artist for Healing. The message is requested from us and that we need to spread to the world.

We at long last put out this great and fundamental objective to mend those all throughout the planet who are depleted and needing assistance, through our music and specialists.

big hit entertainment groups
big hit entertainment groups

We anticipate that this course should accomplishing our objective to be more troublesome and agonizing from this point forward We are going to set out on a long excursion.Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit’s Mission, Nov. 18, 2011 Corporate Workshop For me, I can characterize joy like so. “Our organization’s work decidedly affecting our general public, and a particularly certain effect on youngsters, our clients, to shape their own perspective on the world.Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

Furthermore, for the business, improving the personal satisfaction of each individual from the music local area by changing the music business worldview and advance the whole the business. Success and I accomplishing that change will be my greatest joy.

Executive Producer and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment’s Label Group. We’ve been making them heat climate, so I am substantially more grateful that you are here today. The transient ascent in the prevalence of BTS across the world in the course of recent years, I think, has made Big Hit itself a subject of numerous discussions.

For this, I’m thankful. Yet, I’ve likewise seen that these conversations incorporate the two realities just as errors. With the new arrangement of declarations from Big Hit, more individuals have started to consider what kind of organization Big Hit truly is, and what the organization plans to achieve.

I think this was an update that we need focus closer on telling individuals exactly who we are as an organization. In this way, we’ve concluded that we will presently work much harder to advise. To accept in any event two open doors every year to clarify about what our identity is and what we do.

We’ve given to this meeting the title, “Success Corporate Briefing with the Community” As the name suggests, it’s a chance to clarify what Big Hit’s center way of thinking is, and what we have based upon that establishment and what we plan to accomplish.

I don’t know whether I’ll have the option to address the entirety of your inquiries, yet how about we start our discussion today. We’ve effectively 66% into this year and September is close to the corner. We went maximum capacity through the primary portion of this current year, and Big Hit and Big Hit’s craftsmen have made taking off accomplishments.

BTS participated in the Grammy Awards and wrapped up an arena visit across LA, New York, Chicago, London and Paris. BTS was additionally respected with the Billboard Music Award for Top Duo/Group.

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We were lowered to be classified “the Beatles of the 21st Century” by overall media. Following their effective presentation in March, TOMORROW X TOGETHER finished a six-city grandstand visit in the United States, and the gathering was eager.

Making an abroad presence only two months after their presentation, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has been named “worldwide super youngsters” and was as of late regarded with a New Artist Award.

Their new collection is anticipating delivery and they are prepared. While our specialists have been soundly in the spotlight, Big Hit itself has additionally made strong accomplishments in a wide scope of business fields.

Development has been outstanding in melody and collection deals, exhibitions, substance and marketing, and absolute income in the principal half of 2019 has as of now almost overwhelmed our all out 2018 incomes, at more than 200 billion won.Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

Working benefits surpassed 39.1 billion won, as of now right around 66% of a year ago’s 64.1 billion won. Last July, Big Hit beat a significant worldwide exhibition visit deals positioning graph. There were wonderful changes in Big Hit’s interior association also.

The quantity of our representatives expanded almost fourfold in a year, and we are arranging different hierarchical changes in the second 50% of this current year. We are likewise firing up our “multi-mark framework”, which we have since a long time ago pre-arranged. We’ve set up BELIFT Lab, and acquired Source Music as one of our auxiliaries.

In our business bunch, we are tweaking each particular field and speeding up our rearrangement. We as of late reported that Ms. Min Hee-jin has gone along with us as our new CBO, a vital illustration of these endeavors. As the principal venture of this new drive, Big Hit and Source Music will before long hold an overall tryout.

My music and CBO Min’s imaginative bearing will meet up in this new “In addition to Global Audition” for a pristine female gathering, and I ask you to anticipate it! As our organization keeps on developing, news about Big Hit is additionally filling in the media.

We are glad and appreciative for this consideration. Be that as it may, the story we need to share today isn’t simply about”revenues” or “M&As”. I need to impart to you the master plan that we are painting at Big Hit. At Big Hit, we have a greater objective, a bigger vision. How will Big Hit respond? That is the thing that we’d prefer to show you today.

What Big Hit longs for is music industry development. “Improving the Music Industry.” You may believe it’s unclear and dynamic. We should consider what development truly is. Advancement springs from the way toward attempting to address existing or yet unseen client needs, by changing existing industry ideal models, improving current frameworks and at last giving a pristine arrangement.

Success looks to spike on change during the time spent worth creation and development in the music business, which will help incomes, grow the market, and advance the framework, and at last upgrade the personal satisfaction for all representatives and all individuals from the music local area.

Another industry that accomplished touchy development through plan of action advancement and dynamic IP improvement is the gaming business. How about we contrast these two businesses with inspect where we are today. In the event that we think about market estimates, the worldwide market size of K-game far shrouds that of K-pop.

The Korean music market was $967 million starting at 2017, representing about 2% of the worldwide music market. The Korean gaming market came to more than $10 billion, or about 6% of the worldwide gaming market. That is a ten times diverse in market size, and K a lot of the worldwide market is additionally more modest.

Presently, the measure of music Koreans burn-through and the measure of games isn’t altogether different. Koreans burn-through a normal of 1 hour 18 minutes of music, and 90 minutes of games.

For what reason is it, that individuals spend about similar measure of time on music and games, yet the market sizes are so extraordinary? Is it since K-pop substance is substandard in scale and in its capacity to move? Success doesn’t think so.Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

A more basic explanation is that the music business has not gotten the affirmation it merits for its actual worth and potential for development. Nobody has yet had the option to show the genuine worth and future capability of the music business. As you probably are aware well, K-game went through a few phases of advancement to be the place where it is today.

The gaming business started with titles on CDs, however the mechanical advancement of the on the web and portable space and the possibility of “IP content” prompted the making of the “game character”, the commercialization of “in-game things”, and the following quick development of related organizations. Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

Success accepts that a similar advancement is conceivable in the music business. Also, we at Big Hit plan to accomplish that advancement and be the fundamental driver of that change in outlook. We don’t think this development is just pertinent for the K-pop industry.

The worldwide game market is additionally multiple times bigger than the worldwide music market. As befitting of our worldwide standpoint, Big Hit tries to develop into a world-driving significant name to apply our involvement with enhancing the K-pop market in the worldwide field. Eventually, we fantasy about pronouncing this as the “true norm” as we investigate new boondocks of the worldwide music industry.

To accomplish this objective, we are gathering our capacities into two center central focuses. First is enhancing the client experience.

The second is extending the worth chain and building a client biological system on these establishments, to eventually make new business. Presently, I might want to welcome Lenzo Seokjun Yoon, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment and Big Hit’s Business Group, to talk about client experience development.

Accept this is the main authority occasion I get an opportunity to be a piece of since venturing into the post of CEO of our Business Group. As the top of our Business Group, I’d prefer to impart to you about how we are seeking after an advancement of the client experience.

How might we develop the client experience? As a perfect representation, I might want to introduce the upgrade and development of the show going experience. “Loads of fans going to a K-pop show go through cash and accompany elevated requirements.Continue read about Big Hit Entertainment.

In any case, the actual cycle is overwhelming and agonizing.” This is a statement from a college understudy who interned at Big Hit recently. Furthermore, it is valid. The long pausing and distress at an icon execution is a reality that can’t be denied.

How about we take a normal fan, “A” A goes to a show stacked with things, two hands full with a major rucksack. In it will be a light stick, trademark pennant, product and a wide range of things. A will convey water, drinks and bites.

Hundreds and thousands of fans like A will arrange. They will stand by in line from sunrise to purchase restricted release stock. Digit Hit chose to address this badly arranged cycle first.

In the first place, at our BTS fan meeting in June, we utilized a blend of on-and disconnected channels for show stock deals.

We offered three choices: visitors could pre-request on the web and get nearby, request on the web and get their products at home, or buy nearby. They could pick the best technique for themselves from these three alternatives.

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